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OLD STUFF.. Er, News that is.. NOT ME!

As for me... well, I have been feeling a little 'run down', especially last Saturday. I'll leave others to explain.  A clue might be in the fact that my daughter thinks I must be the 'Bionic Man!!'

You never know what is round the corner..... well actually I do....CHRISTMAS!  Yay!

That's it for this production.  Time to get the decorations out for the next!

Sunday 29th October 300Yds Electronic Butt 19 Century ALL DAY CONFIRMED

Don't forget that the clocks go back on Sunday morning so don't moan at me if you turn up an hour early... you were just warned!!

I shall be attending a secretaries conference at Bisley this coming Thursday where we will be discussing range improvements, updated regulations and bookings for 2018.  I have already sent bookings in for next year which include 300/500 and 1000 yards Electronic although we will probably not be notified as to confirmation until near the Christmas Shoot.

Talking of which, November is almost here and I am working on the Christmas website and as per last year I shall post the Christmas Lunch Menu online  and this year will ask anyone who wants Beer, Wine or whatever to let me have your order at the same time as choosing your menu.

The Army Club have gone back on their word to Taff that we could use their clubhouse for Christmas Lunch and so now we shall hold the Christmas lunch in Bunhill Lodge which doesn't have bar facilities, so Taff will bring your drinks order with him.

IMPORTANT: I shall shortly post a link to the Government's Consultation Site where they are proposing to ban .50cal and MARS Rifles on the auspices that something nasty MIGHT happen.  Well people might be run over by vehicles and very often are yet we still see cars on the road!!  It is important to address this quickly and strongly as the wording is so ambiguos that at could be a 'catch all' for anything of a .50cal nature (.577 Snider, 500 Nitro.... and then what next?  You get the picture!)

I will try and email everyone when the link is up.

On the positive side however, I heard through the grapevine that demands were made yet again to ministers to bring about licensing of Air Guns in England & Wales but the protesters were told quite bluntly that our laws are tight enough and that 'it's not going to happen'.

I'll try and find out a bit more.

Now, want a laugh, courtesy of Ron:  How NOT to handle a gun!

Well our last shoot didn't bring much in the way of funds into the bank!  In fact five of us turned up and considering we had double targets morning and afternoon it turned out rather an expensive day.
However, on the plus side, I actually had a good shooting session for once!

I am already thinking about next year's bookings but having just spoken to the NRA I find that clubs cannot start booking until mid-October after a club Sec conference to discuss the installation of Electronic Targets and other range improvements.

Talking of which:  Not confirmed yet but I have requested an Electronic Target for 300yds am & pm on Sunday 29th October. Not confirmed as I said but be aware in case you might be thinking of doing something else.  I shall let you know as soon as I get the answer.

In case you have been at Bisley recently and  have seen some odd looking long green trailer type vehicles with roll up polythene windows, then I can tell you that these are for hire on the long distance ranges for clubs to use to shoot from inside especially in inclement weather.  Yes things are improving and it is becoming noticeable!

Stuff For Sale
If you have not already done so, check out the 'For Sale' Section where Bob has put his guns up for sale although the latest I hear is that one or possibly two of the rifles have now been sold but the site is there for all to use to sell or ask to see if anyone might have something you want.

If you are after a BP revolver then you have Bob's Uberti and a selection of two Ruger Old Army revolvers that Dan Archer has at the OSM.

I am hoping to bring more stuff with me on Sunday such as reloading dies (.303) powder and cases, case trimmer etc.  Bring some cash and make an offer if you are interested.

Practical SG
If you are into Practical SG then the news is looking somewhat upbeat as the Winans Range has now been completed, having been extended and having ballistic baffles installed around various parts of the perimeter.  There will be more shoots available now and I believe that Solid Slug can be used on a section of the range.  I will post details as soon as I have them.  (There is one on Sunday week (20th August) and there may be one or two places still available although I am not certain, but contact myself or speak to Tricia at the OSM if you are interested.

Even if you have not considered it yet, you might want to think about it as it is an action shoot with lots of movement and you are not forced to complete a stage that you may feel difficult (Such as prone - which is not the same position in PSG as it is in Fullbore).

John Gear and myself went to look at the National PSG championship Competition last Saturday and it was very impressive with some really challenging shoots.  What pleased me most was that there were a few gentleman much older than myself who were having a great time and the atmosphere was really friendly (and jovial!)  We shall certainly enter next year.

The shoot took me right back to the good old days of Practical Pistol, only the barrel is much longer and it would be a real bugger trying to draw from a holster!

If you are interested in trying it but have not done the course, let me know and I'll put your name forward for the next available course.

Latest on John Gear

Not to be outdone, John had a very succesful operation and decided that he was fit enough to turn up and shoot on Sunday!!  Now apart from those whom I know about,  what is the excuse for so many who didn't
hmm?  hmm?

Meanwhile, Bob Haynes has called it a day for Fullbore & GR shooting and has put his guns up for sale
so please see further details in the 'Blog' section under 'For Sale'

Saturday 10th May

We are back on Melville and it has been registered as a guest day as some members expressed a wish to bring a guest.  If anyone does wish to bring a guest and has not already notified me, please let me know (I don't need details until the day but just want to know the number of guests we are likely to have.)  All that will be required is that your guest sign a section 21 declaration and you will be liable for your guest during the day, i.e. you must supervise him/her.

I returned from a wonderful trip to Northern Ireland a couple of weeks ago where myself and a dozen others from OSM were treated to a wonderful weekend of Practical Pistol Shooting, in preparation for taking the 'Black Badge' exam. (International Practical Shooting Confederation).  We were able to use things that we have not been able to use for many years! (If you catch my drift) and our Northern Ireland hosts were thoroughly hospitable and we all had a 'whale' of a time.  I fell straight back into it, oh God, the withdrawal symptoms afterwards.  The exam takes place in October and there may possibly be room for some LAGSC members to join in but OSM will take priority.

If you are interested, let me know and I'll put you forward at any opportunity.

We were also treated to a viewing at a War Museum in Ballyclare which has been put together by a man who has dedicated his life to preserving the War Heritage of Ireland and this was a massive eyeopener for all who attended.  I certainly did not know the extent that Ireland played, particularly during WW1.  For instance,  the first shot fired in the First World War was from an Irish soldier, and the last soldier to be killed..... was from Ireland!  The museum has been the creation of David McCallion and a dedicated group of volunteers and the museum has some very unique exhibits, not least the original order bringing the end of hostilities to the First World War instructing troops to stand down and not to fraternise with the enemy.

We were so taken by the efforts of David and his volunteers that we are planning to hold a shoot to raise money for him as he has ploughed all his money into the Museum and it runs on a knife edge so it simply mustn't be allowed to be broken up or removed from its rightful heritage home in Northern Ireland.

If you get the chance to visit Northern Ireland, then put this as a must to visit (even volunteer to assist with restoration work if you fancy something different to do!)

In fact, here is the link and I am sure you will be impressed by what has been acheived:

Now I am extremely pleased to tell you that Harry Hood is now so much better than he has been for years, having undergone some really serious surgery.  I spoke to him during the week and he is feeling really good and hopes to join us this Saturday.

As mentioned previously, I have put forward all the details for permission for us to use reactive targets for Air Rifle/Pistol on Melville and am awaiting the outcome but I doubt I'll have it by this weekend as some of the staff who deal with this are on holiday.

The older news:

Mr. Jennings threatens to be there and informs me that he could be swanning off to South Africa again!!

I don't know, where did I go wrong with this early retirement lark?

Never mind, I'm off to Ireland in a couple of weeks to have some fun with the stuff we ain't allowed to have over here!

Now, this will get you.....  I went up to Bisley during the week to run some ideas by the range executives re reactive targets for air rifle and pistol and the conversation was certainly interesting.  When I asked the question, the answer given was: 'Everything is treated as prohibited on any range unless it is specifically mentioned as allowed in the Bisley Bible'.   We looked at the Bisley Bible and guess what?  We find that there is no mention at all of Air weapon use on Melville!!!  Effectively therefore everyone has been falling foul of the regulations over the last god knows how many years.  Well I am sure there won't be any problems with us using them sensibly at proper distance and paper targets in the interim but meanwhile I have to design a platform and put details in an email to the legal department of the NRA to obtain permission to use reactive targets.

I have the targets, the platform and telescopic heavy steel supports but I haven't had time this week to put it all together to photograph for the legal dept, so it can't be used this Saturday otherwise we could have had a good and very challenging 'Man v Man' Air Comp. (Of course, it still has to be approved but I am extremely optimistic that it will be permitted in due course).

It is pertinent to note though the importance of avoiding hitting the ballistic coverings on the range when using air weapons because odd though it may seem, low velocity hits do more damage as they 'chip' the surface away or lodge at the surface which creates greater damage when they are struck by a higher velocity round.

Don't forget to use the blog.  You must have things to sell, interesting books to pass around etc.

You may (or may not of course!) have noticed that we now have a secure site - you will now see the padlock and 'https' prefix when you log on which means that anything you send to the site is encrypted so that your log in details can't be hijacked. The only page that will be accessible to the public is our 'About Us' page.

I have done this as there is a demand from agencies such as Google and government to make it as difficult as possible for fraudsters to hijack websites and respondent traffic ('Contact us forms and suchlike).

You will find as time goes on that you will get an 'Insecure Site' warning from places that you might visit on the net and anything that is searched for via Google will automatically flag this warning.  But now you shouldn't get that from our site.


Saturday 11th March Melville,  well what can I say..  a much better day than I had anticipated in spite of the fact that only half a dozen members turned up!  Mind you that couldn't be helped in most circumstances as some of our members are all going through one difficulty or another at the moment and others (I won't mention Stephen Jennings) are swanning around in South Africa.  The lengths and places people will go to just to get a tan and a packet of Biltong!   Of course,  now that he has RETIRED he has the time to do so

The weather was so good that we moved out to 25yards from the start and had a really good days shooting (and so did I!!!!!).

Alan managed to rattle off a few comps to keep us on our toes and coincidentally Tom Dance (our newest member, but old LAGSC member of years past) was shooting with his primary club on the bay adjacent to ours and so we has a collective meeting of!... reprobates!

Taff managed to knock up some first class grub in spite of some great difficulties in the kitchen because of a new installation which had not been completed.

It really is vital now that you let me know by 10.00 on the day of a shoot if you want Taff's grub.

Trials of Electronic Targets have finished and tenders have gone out so we await to see the results and if we are able to get 300 & 500 or whatever on Electronic later in the year, I shall let you know.

That's it for now - just old news left!


Yep! Saturday 14th sees our first shoot of 2017 so you will be able to come along and lose some of those extra pounds that you gained at Christmas......... shivering is a good way to shed weight!!

Yes wrap up warm and if you are inclined bring a shotgun if you have one as I intend to have a blat during lunch if possible.

I am working on new membership cards so if you do not have a current photo in the register would you please ensure that you get one to me.

The OSM will be running courses such as Target/Practical Shotgun,Reloading and Vermin Control during the year and if you are interested please let me know so that I can put your names forward when the courses become available.  (If you have 'FeedReady' on your mobile, I shall endeavour to update you via this also)

Also bear in mind that you can join in on OSM shoots but you must ring Tricia at the OSM beforehand to make sure the booking is viable as she won't confirm with the NRA unless sufficient numbers are likely to attend.  (Keep in mind that we are low on Rifle Shoots this year so it could be useful for you to ensure you get the required number of shoots in).  I will post dates for the OSM shortly.

.22 Ammunition has risen in cost and is now £5 per 50 rounds and sources tell me the cost will be greater as the year progresses.  Hopefully I have sufficient new stock to keep us going for a while.

That's it for now.

See you Saturday.

Regards to all,


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