London All Guns Shooting Club

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London All Guns Shooting Club is a small Club that mainly meets at Bisley and is known for its friendly atmosphere and as the name suggests incorporates every type of shooting sport wherever possible, ranging from Fullbore Rifle through to Air Pistol and Shotgun.  We try and cater for all needs but with the emphasis being on relaxed shooting rather than the more serious competitve shooting that you might expect from something like 'F'Class Rifle.

We try to hold two meetings a month but this is subject to changes according to the availability of range space and we choose Saturdays for Pistol & Gallery Rifle and Sundays for Fullbore Rifle.  Wherever possible we try to fit in at least two Shotgun Competitions during the year which could be on either day.  Invariably, we will try our hand at the clays during the statutory lunch break just to keep up practice.

We do hold a number of 'Club' Competitions during the year which try to encompass any firearm that is legally available and this includes air pistol and rifle will often include Shotgun Competition in Skeet, DTL and Sporting Clays.  We do try to vary the experience as much as possible by choosing different distances at which we shoot (100yds to 1000yds for Fullbore Rifle and 10yds to 50yds for the pistol (Air & Muzzle Loading Firearms) and gallery rifle shoots.

Although we do not hold competition against other clubs, we will try and encourage you to take part as an individual in one of the many competitions that take place at Bisley throughout the year, plus we actively encourage you to take part in our own 'Club' Competitions for which there are always cups or medals awarded.

Our members are spread very widely across the country and many have a very broad knowledge and experience of very wide range of firearms, from the historic muzzle or breech loading to the latest high tech stuff.

We are happy to take on newcomers who must serve a probationary period of six months (more if the Committee consider it necessary) during which you will undergo thorough training on each firearm type and this is applicable regardless of whether or not you intend to shoot it in the future.  We believe that it is better to be familiar with any type of firearm that you may encounter during your shooting period and it may just give you the incentive to try something different later on.  It's the old adage: "Don't knock it 'till you've tried it!)

You will be 'chapparoned' on a one to one basis during this time until you have proven that you are competent to handle a particular firearm and thoroughly understand all the safety aspects and range protocols that go with shooting and are essential in keeping it what it is today...... one of the safest recreational sports in existence!

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