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Denis Silwood Memorial Trophy  2 convertable sighters and 15 rounds to count at 300 yards (Target CF rifle with iron sights) Prone or back position

NRA Proficiency Medal (Sighters are indicators only and will not count - Medals awarded for score, not as 1st, 2nd place etc.)  2 sighters and 20 rounds to count at any range from 200 yards upwards. (Target CF rifle only with iron sights - sling only may be used NO BIPOD)
Acheivements: 95/100 = Marksman;  90/100 = Skilled Shot;  85/100 = Rifleman

Short Range Sporting Rifle  Categories - Scoped or iron sights - Supported/Unsupported  (Any CF rifle but same sight and rifle to be used for both distances)   2 convertable sighters and 10 rounds to count at 100 yards & ditto at 200 yards  (A sling will be classified as supported)  Awards divided as 'Classic' or  'Modern Design'

Long Range Sporting Rifle same criteria as Short Range but at 200 yards and 300 yards

Century Cup 300  (Categories - Scoped or iron sights - Supported/Unsupported) At 300 yards with 2 convertable sighters and 10 rounds to count.  Any CF rifle of 'classic' design i.e. pre-1970 style

Century Cup 500/600 - Same criteria as Century Cup 300 but shot at 500 or 600 yards if available

21st Century Cup AR- Shot at any of  300 to 500 series as above.  2 convertable sighters and 10 rounds to count followed by 5 rounds in 30 seconds - Any recent design CF rifle (post 1980) with bipod & scope.

Short Range Military Rifle  2 sighters and 10 rounds to count at 100 yards and ditto 200 yards (2 categories Scoped or Iron sights NOT TARGET SIGHTS) Using any CF rifle of a design that would have been used by any world military unit up to 1965.  Only a sling of the type that would have been issued for combat use may be used.  NO BIPOD OR OTHER SUPPORT

Long Range Military Rifle  Same criteria as Short Range but at 200 yards and 300 yards

Standard Short Range & Standard Long Range Sporting Rifle  Criteria as Short Range and Long Range Sporting Rifle but single distance only required for a prize.  (In the event that the double distance Short Range and Long Range Sporting Rifle cannot be completed for reasons such as range unavailability or cancellation of shoot, the Shooting Secretary may opt to allocate any scores already acheived to count as 'Standard' Short or Long Range instead.  The higher score of any series will apply.

Stickledown Cup  1000 yards  Categories: Scoped or Iron Sights - Supported/Unsupported - Target/Military/Modern AR (Any Rifle post 1980)   2 convertable sighters and 10 rounds to count

The Club Cup  2 convertable sighters and 10 rounds to count at two different self designated distances, using any CF rifle with IRON sights - it does not need to be the same rifle for both distances. (You inform the Shooting Sec or RO that you wish to record your scores for the comp at the range you are on at the time whether it be 100 yards or 1000yards)   Maximum time for one of the series must not exceed 15 minutes.  However: you may elect to choose the score from one competition that you have already shot that comprises 2 sighters and 10 rounds to count.  So for instance, you may have already recorded a score for Short Range Military Rifle and you can ask for that score to be counted towards the Club Cup also.  You would therefore need to complete another distance but within a 15 minute period to complete the Club Cup series.

Muzzle Loading Rifle  Shot at 100 yards and 200 yards respectively.  Each seperate competition comprises 1 'fouling shot' which shall be recorded, followed by 2 non convertable sighters which must be recorded if taken and deducted from score.
10 rounds to count.  In the event of a tie, the fouling shot will count as a decider.  Shots must fall 50% over the score line to count.   Any muzzle loading rifle may be used EXCEPT MATCH RIFLE

The Elephant Gun  4 rounds to count in 25 seconds from STANDING/SITTING or KNEELING POSITION ONLYwith any rifle designed for 'Large Dangerous Game' such as .375 H&H Magnum; .458 Win Mag; 500 Nitro Express etc.  (Currently ONLY LEAD BULLETS may be used and ammunition must fall within 'HME' criteria  (Special 'Elephant Targets' may be available for this shoot)


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